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Elige Educar-Enseña Chile

Students at school 
Students with one of the teachers from the Enseña Chile programme

In 2009, we committed to contribute to programmes that enhance education.

Enseña Chile

As part of this plan, we became one of the strategic partners of the Enseña Chile programme, whose mission is to select and train professionals willing to commit to teaching, full-time for two years, pupils who live in poverty and social exclusion. This project is inspired by the educational support model developed by the organisations Teach For America in the United States and Teach First in the United Kingdom.

In 2009, 27 professionals from Enseña Chile, an initiative awarded the Bicentenary Seal in 2009, started teaching work in 15 schools in districts in the Metropolitan, La Araucanía and Los Ríos regions. 715 applications were received for the 2010-2011 period, from which 76 professionals were selected to join the new project cycle.

Elige Educar

We are partners of Elige Educar, an initiative that started in 2009. It has two main objectives: to motivate the most talented youngsters throughout Chile to study education, and significantly improve the teacher’s social value and the teaching career. This project, which is coordinated by the Faculty of Education of the Catholic University of Chile and Centro de Políticas Públicas, is inspired by a British experience that in just five years got the teaching career to move up from the bottom of the social value into the top five.

It is expected that 20% of the best school leavers choose to read pedagogy in 2014. To achieve this, the programme drives a comprehensive advertising strategy (television, internet, public relations, site activities and events), and promotes plans with social players to encourage suitable teacher professional development.