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Anglo American Chile is registered as a Comprehensive Mining Contractor and Supplier Registry (REGIC) subscriber company. Aquiles Chile Limitada manages REGIC as a collective register to provide mining companies (subscribers) with complete and updated information on their current and/or potential suppliers and contractors.

Using this tool enables us to maintain updated information on our goods and services suppliers and contractors, and also gives us access to a database with reliable and traceable information on other mining industry suppliers and contractors.

As of 2007, Anglo American Chile has made the REGIC portal available to its suppliers enabling them to easily access and update their contact and commercial information.

The following are some of the benefits REGIC offers users, mining industry subscribers and goods and services suppliers:

  • It centralises information to avoid duplication of work
  • It makes suppliers of goods and services more visible to their clients
  • It generates scale economies as a supplier registered in REGIC is automatically available to all the other mining companies
  • It enables supplier and contractor companies to access, update and view their information via the internet, and to provide detailed information on their products and services (all this information is timely validated by Aquiles Chile)
  • It enables suppliers to check the experience gained for the services offered by means of REGIC information certification

Lastly, it should be borne in mind that this is a safe system that safeguards its members.